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I am not writing much here at the moment. I must admit I spend most of the time outdoors.

At home in Scandinavia, we are raised to be outdoors in good weather. It’s almost a shame to be indoors then. And I do not get completely into my head that here in Texas it’s nice weather most of the time. Besides, the people here are not getting tired of telling me about how awfully hot the summer is going to be.

So I’m keen to get the plants down in the soil so that everything will be ready before it gets really hot. And here around Houston, I am told that the first part of May is the last possible planting time before the summer heat.
Digging in TX7_
Clay, the ancient seabed. Completely without drainage and organic matter. I read someplace that there in big parts of Texas are less than 1% organic matter in the soil. We are gonna use a lot of compost and some sand in this border.
Digging in TX4_
Creating a tiny terrace outside the bathhouse making it possible to store soil bags and wash dogs without having the main terrace becomes dirty.
Digging in TX6_
I am actually very attracted to textures and contrasts when I create a garden. Not particularly showy flowers.
Digging in TX11_
But the Dwarf bottlebrushes are lovely..
Digging in TX9_
I read the Hummingbirds gets attracted to red flowers. So I have to buy more red ones!
Digging in TX8_
I just bought Sunset Vine, “Strictocardia beraviensis”. That one should be red enough for the Hummingbirds.
Digging in TX3_
Unripe passionfruits. Seems like that is a plant that grows easily here. I planted it two months ago.
Digging in TX2_
Some newly sown Amaranthus to be planted in the border I’m making now.
Digging in TX1_
t’s a lot of plants from Australia that thrives in Texas. This is Kangaroo Paw. (Anigozanthos flavidus)

What do you think?

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  • Lakrisbloggen
    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    I also want passionfruit in my garden :C How beautiful! It looks awesome, can’t wait to see more!