I began my journey as a housewife raising four small children before pursuing studies in interior design, earning a Master’s degree focused on commercial spaces. Worked as a cruise architect, project manager at a speciality retail store chain, and later as a property manager in a real estate company.

Living as an ‘ex-pat’ in Texas for seven years opened up new creative possibilities. I ventured into handcrafting silver jewellery adorned with natural stones, cultivated a sustainable garden, and walked or ran alongside our beloved dogs in the surprisingly rugged and beautiful outskirts of Houston.

My passion for gardening traces back to my roots in a family spanning three generations of dedicated gardeners in northern parts of Norway. I focus on a practical, pragmatic and realistic approach to life and gardening challenges.

Since my academic background is in the design discipline, I focus on colours and aesthetics in everything I see or work with, aiming to infuse these elements into everything I do or create. 

My ultimate goal remains to enrich people’s lives with greater quality through my work.

I encourage everybody to spend more time outdoors, finding inspiration in gardening, embracing homemade or handmade crafts, preparing wholesome meals from scratch, and indulging in simple yet satisfying activities that enhance life for everyone.

Returned to Oslo from Texas on March 21 while the community was under lockdown in repeated waves of COVID. My husband and I slowly settled back into our home in Oslo and our cottage in Orust, Sweden. Then I got sick. Finally I’ve resumed my passion for crafting jewellery and aspire to restart my blogging journey.

My husband Hamre takes a lot of the photographs on my blog.