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Its rather cold and sometimes windy in January, which is the coldest month of the year here in Houston.

The average lowest temperature is 6,7°C, (44°F). But there have been colder nights this week than the average temperature tells. The rather big difference between day and night temperatures makes it a struggle for some of our garden plants to adapt.

“-This is chilly, we want to go inside again and continue to beg for some (all) of your breakfast!”
I have a rather ugly but very practical tip on how to keep your favourite plants alive. You will need some large plastic container, preferably with a hollow handle on the side of the bottle. Water bottles are ideal! Cut the bottom and the top off with a knife, find a stick or two, and voila, there you go!

I have to tell that this was one of the very, very rare occasions that my better half (the Engineer with a very practical, non aesthetically view of life) was impressed with me.

It looks terrible, but if it keeps my very small and very sickly Eucalyptus alive I actually do not care.
This is not a plant I brag about. My poor, poor Eucalyptus plant!
I am a big fan of Cilantro (Coriander), though my youngest daughter claim that it tastes like licking the bottom side of a lawnmower. (How does she know??) You see the stick pushed down through the handle and down in the ground to keep the can from flying away in the wind.

What do you think?

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  • toralya
    Thursday, January 28, 2016

    For your information I am learning to like coriander now! It does *somewhat* still taste like lawn clippings to me, but I am working on it! :D