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Just as in Scandinavia, it is also in the Houston area some major brands that dominate the market for plants and garden equipment.

Misunderstand me correctly, the most important thing is that everyone can easily find plants that thrive in their climate zone, but the problem is that they displace the small garden centres with large selections. If you want something that is a little more special than the most common plants in your area, you must either buy them online and have them sent (and then the plants necessarily have to be relatively small and preferably dormant) or you have to look a bit around to find some garden centres that have a selection of plants that differs from the plants that “everyone” knows.

So I found Caldwell Nursery in Rosenberg via their website.

It was a fantastic garden centre with quite a selection that I have not seen before yet here in the area. There were fruit trees, succulents, bamboo, climbing plants, ginger varieties, other trees and so on and everything in excellent condition! They have a large exhibition garden with exciting plantings and large shrubs and trees that provide plenty of inspiration to all with the desire for lush green surroundings. We received a warm and personalized service and wise answers to our numerous questions by a nice lady, and the prices were reasonable.

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