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From being nine adults and three dogs in the house, we are now only two adults and two dogs again. Christmas has been hectic and very, very nice.
Bazooka with her Christmas collar. You can almost imagine how much there was to absorb into her little brain spending her holidays so far from Norway.

From organizing, cooking, shopping, cosiness and nonsense it is the time to not only use the garden but to look at possibilities for improvements and begin to plan some actions to take in the months ahead.

My “Gremlin-owl” Christmas decoration and the “nisse-hats/caps” with bells on that  I made instead of the traditional  American stockings.
This is not how we usually celebrate Christmas in Norway!

The garden still looks ok, but with the probability of more cool nights and cold winds more plants will shrivel away and lose leaves and look even more weary and shabby.

Powderpuff blooming wonderfully in December.
Half withered leaves and branches screens and protect both themselves and neighbouring plants through chilly nights and sharp winds.

But it is essential to be patient and not clear away what is dead and withered. It is tempting to clean, trim and crop now, but wait until the danger of very cold weather is over here around Houston at the beginning of March.

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