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This is the Banana plant I bought just before Christmas when I first moved here to Texas.
This was how the banana plant looked like in May this year

It was one of the first five plants I bought when I moved here, and I didn’t have a clue about the soil, the bad drainage and the downpours. At first, I planted it close to the pool since the plant was so attractive, but the leaves blew to fringes at once and the plant sickened. I mowed it to the southwest corner of the garden. But I didn’t think much on the drainage when I planted it again. Though I use a load of vermiculite to make the soil a little looser.

Bananashrub burlap_
This is how it looked in February. I rolled burlap around the two main stems for freeze protection.

So now I have built a raised bed around it. Without touching the growing site and without having the heart to dig the plant loose again and lift it up a little in the raised bed. Standing water will probably be a challenge and a problem this winter.

At the moment it thrives as there is no tomorrow. And in the view of the terrible drainage on its growing site, maybe there isn’t.

What do you think?

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