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We spent the last weekend in the Hill Country with some other Norwegian expats, specifically on YO Ranch Headquarters near Kerrville.

For Norwegians who live on the flat land around Houston, the hills were a much-needed eyesight. Norwegians love to go hiking in forests and mountains, many are fond of hunting and counted pr. inhabitant, we own almost as many weapons as the Americans. The difference is that the Norwegians possesses mostly hunting weapons while the Americans own for the most part handguns.

Texas Oak_
Texas Oak

There were ample opportunities for hunting in these areas if you were interested and had the money needed for the hunting fees. None of us hunted this weekend, but we rode, went hiking and some were biking around. There is also a shooting range there and the owners run guided safari tours if you want to see some of all the exotic animals they have around on the properties. And the scenery is stunningly beautiful, the air is crisp, the sun bright and the night is still on the spring cold side compared to Houston.

Prickly Pears_
Prickly Pears

We stayed very comfortably in renovated old buildings, and generally put had a very good time. You get a good impression of how big Texas really is when you are up there.

The distances are enormous and the views from the hills are breathtaking. There are Mesquite trees, Texas Oaks, Cedar, Prickly Pears and different kinds of Yucca who dominates the landscape. I so want to go back to see the wildflower blooming!

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