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Container Gardening is one of the best and easiest ways to keep plants for most of us.

It takes little space, pulls the plants closer to seating and living zones and creates beautiful outdoor spaces without you need to spend so much money on it. Moreover, you can find gorgeous pots around who exactly reflects both your taste and your favorite colors and shapes. The challenge is that plants in pots should be watered frequently and they need the care to look great.

You usually very quickly notice containers with withered plants outside an entrance, so it is important that the plants always are fresh and tended.

Succulents are this large group of plants that don’t really need much care and who looks healthy for a long, long time.

The biggest advantage with succulents is that you do not need to water as often since they store water in their fleshy leaves or stems.

They do need some sun, but they hold up very neat for a very long time without generating large amounts of dead leaf material or frequently need of pruning. Succulents often have strong shapes, are often symmetrical and are found in many shapes, colors, and variations. Possibly a tad more exciting than the usual floral arrangements?

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind: With cold spell or with heavy and persistent rainfall try to store the containers with succulent under a roof or wrap them up. And don’t overwater!

Good luck with your succulent container this spring!