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It will be chilly nights around Houston the next several days, so be aware that the most vulnerable plants may need some protection.

I wrote about it last year too because such incidents with frost and/or cold winds where plants die or are very damaged that new gardens lose interest or simply give up. You can read about that here.  And I wrote about an ugly, but effective way to make life a tad more sheltered for smaller plants here.

cover up3_
Look at these poor Elephant Ear (Colocasia). Still, the stupidest thing you do just now is to tear away the dead leaves and generally tidy up. The already withered leaves are acting as a blanket against the cold.
cover up1_
Garden Fleece tied over a tomato cage.
cover up plants_
You can toss some Burlap over a small plant (as here a Pineapple Plant), to protect against the cold. Fasten the burlap to the ground with some large stones or as here with pegs.

And remember:

For prolonged garden fleece cover may be insufficient, but against cold winds and brief periods of frost, the wrapping will prevent new shoots to get freeze damage, and hopefully prevent that the plant is generally weakened by the cold. Plastic is not really recommended since it creates condensation and prevents air circulation, but for some days it’s fine just as long it’s not become too hot daytime.

Best of luck against winter winds from me.<3

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