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I have to celebrate that the first tomatoes in the garden are ripe, they are always sorely missed after we’ve eaten anaemic store-bought tomatoes for months.

Surprisingly actually, you should think that the store-bought tomatoes are way better in Texas than the ones I buy at home in Norway, but sadly they are not. (But I can write a very long and heartfelt poem about the Texas/Mexican avocados which is better than any I have ever tasted!)

In order to truly enjoy the first tomatoes, I serve them alone without any other greens. They deserve to play the leading role, so a little salt, oil and fresh pepper to sprinkle on top are all they need. You can also lightly toast some nuts to add some crunch.

This is actually a picture of our third and fourth mature tomato. We ate the first two before I could get a picture.

Like a simple little twist you can buy a small bottle of medium quality olive oil (find one with a screw cap), cut a few branches of fresh basil from the garden, open the bottle and push the basil down into the oil bottle. Fasten the cap again, shake it, and place the bottle dry and cool for a few days (you may like to shake the bottle occasionally). Then you have your very own spiced olive oil to drizzle over the tomatoes or your salads. You can also use the oil as a dip to some freshly baked sourdough bread.

Do not forget that the basil must be completely dry and free of insects and soil before sliding it into the oil bottle.

There is no point in buying a very expensive oil since the original aroma will be slightly overshadowed by the basil flavour.

Basil in olive oil_
This all you need to make your personalized olive oil. A couple of clean and dry twigs of fresh basil and some medium quality olive oil.
Basil and olive oil_
Push the basil twigs down into the olive oil.

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