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It’s my second spring in Texas and the garden is rapidly developing.

Most of the hard work with digging, making drainage and planting is over, though I am moving plants and shrubs around if I can foresee they will be overwhelmed or will overwhelm their neighbour plants.

I wrote a post last Easter where I only showed pictures of individual plants and pots, so I thought I should show some overviews this time.

Nicotiania and palm_
One of my goals with a garden is to make it lush and exciting. Even if the garden is not that big.
Plastic greenhouse_
At the terrace, you can see my small plastic greenhouse (An upgrade from the one last year) where I have stored tender tropicals and grown seedlings. I’ve tethered down the greenhouse with four water-filled plastic containers. Terrible smart, practical and exquisitely ugly.
Selfseeded Zinnia_
This is self seeded Zinnia. There are so many seedlings all over the place that it’s almost, almost weed.
Wisteria blooming_
I do love the fact that one of my Wisterias is actually blooming this year.
terrace  plants_
his is how the view against the terrace looks now in Easter 2016.
Sad place_
This picture is from January 2015 and cover almost the same area as the following pictures.
January cold_
This picture is taken in January 2016.
Cleome and nicotiania_
This picture was taken today 03.27. 2016. The Cleomes I sowed and planted around in October is blooming. So is all the white self-seeded Nicotiana.
Eastergarden2016 in cypress_
Some shrubs have grown impressively (frightfully?) much on a year. You can see the self-seeded Zinnia in the front.

A garden will always be a place of slow, inexorable change because it consists of living organisms. A lot of factors affect how your garden will grow and thrive. Soil quality, the number of pesticides you choose to use, the gardens access to water and nutrients, how big you let the shrubs and tree growth and so on.

I find that a garden is a kind of its own being that I’m so lucky that I can follow up, help and support.

I always feel a bit sidelined, as a wide-eyed little sister who attends the big children’s projects or as someone who runs just a bit too slow at the side of the huge train that continues relentlessly on and on.

The nature is amazing, both the wild, the untamed and the cultivated delicate nature we seek in our small garden plots around the world.