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One of the great advantages of knowing a bit about the different garden plants is that I can take one look at a seedling and then decide if it is a weed or a self-seeding plant from last year.

Then I can carefully dig up some of the seedlings and gather them on spots they can grow big on. The rest goes in the compost bin together with common weeds.

Castor bean is another really eager self-seeder. I have written about them before here. It’s almost shamefully easy and convenient and has som avid self-seeders in the garden here in Texas.

spring 2015 TX3_
I base a lot of the spring blooming in the garden on self-seeding annuals. Like this white Cleome.
spring 2015 TX4_
The Castor bean is an avid self-seeder. They have just started to flower. (The red ones).

spring 2015 TX2_

spring 2015 TX7_
An opossum baby is wobbling around in the garden at the moment. When Ulla (the poodle) and I found it yesterday he was busy running around in circles. He manages to behave so silly that Ulla and Milo appear as Nobel Prize candidates.
spring 2015 TX8_
Zinnia is another stable self-seeder.
spring 2015 TX5_
The herbs look awesome at this time of the year. In front Basil, Parsley, Thyme and at the back Tarragon. Lemon balm at the left side. And Milo the Rottweiler.

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