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It’s snowing in Norway today and I must say that even if it rains here in Cypress Texas, today I’m very grateful for my extended summer here.
The Texan easter garden_
Banana shrub, (Michelia figo). Has nothing to do with bananas, but has a banana-smoothie smell to its flowers. A evergreen shrub that is doing well in Texas.

Everything grows tremendously fast here in the garden. Maybe all the plants are hurrying to grow as much as they can manage before the heat kicks in? Now there are around 77 * F (25 * C) and quite humid. And it grows so that I almost see the difference from morning to evening.

Take for example the Sage (Salvia officinalis) I bought at the grocery store in the winter, as a rather small, sickly-looking plant. Now it stands in full bloom with lots of flowers. Home in Scandinavia Sage barely gets flowers if it is lucky that it survives the winter at all.

Bumblebees TX2_

And the Basil is almost alarming huge consider the fact that it was sown only two months ago!

But it’s all just false modesty. I love that it’s growing with all my heart.
The Texan easter garden_
This is so typical of me. Have lots of stuff I don’t know where to plant and then I shove it in the ground.. Awesome. Well, at least we can eat the salad away..

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