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A container with succulents is a perfect solution for your patio in a warm climate.

The succulent container you see here is usually placed by the door to the backyard facing directly to the south. It was the brightly coloured Yucca which I found on Lowes buying mulch that inspired me to repot some other succulents and gather them all in a larger terracotta container.

Because of the location of the pot I have to water every second day in the warmest summer months. When I leave for my holiday in Scandinavia I will even move this pot of hardy succulents to a more shadowy place. It still needs to be placed airy because of the fleshy leaves of some of the species in the container.

Succulents will sometimes wilt if they are placed too dark and humid.

I have written of how you plant succulents in a container here and how I found some of the showy one’s last year here. Southern Living has a short and inspiring slideshow on Planting succulents too.

The bluish agave is a cutting, so I don’t know the name. The green and yellow-leaved hanging plant are Aptenia Cordifolia Variegata ‘Heartleaf Ice Plant’, Euphorbia tirucalli,” pencil tree” is the one with this branches, Yucca flaccida ‘Golden Sword’, Senecio mandraliscae “Blue Chalk Sticks” is the bluish fingery succulent at the left side.

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