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It is a big challenge to live far from family and friends. Probably bigger than we imagined.

When we finally went home to Scandinavia for the holidays, we wanted to both see friends and family, but we also wanted to do some sorely needed maintenance on the cottage and the garden. Time goes way too fast and the days we had at our disposal was too scarce. I guess the frustration we felt over this will fade, but it’s not a nice experience.

Scandinavia was rainy, windy and pretty cold. Even for Scandinavia.

But since we still have lovely weather for months here in Houston, we experienced for the first time that the weather really isn’t that important as long as we could stay outside without getting soaking wet the first five minutes.

It was a great transition to get back to the garden here in Texas. The melons and the hot peppers were the only things we immediately were able to eat in the garden since the July heat kills most of the annual vegetables.

And finally, the garden here is back on track after more than a month absence. And now the fall crop will be planted and sown. Tomatoes, some herbs, kale, cucumbers, peppers, peas and beans I guess.

I’ve chopped back most of those plants and shrubs that had grown far beyond its own limitations (and my imaginations) and fertilized a little since the combination of the violent rainfalls and clay soil can quickly wash out essential nutrients.

Summerchallenges lawn_
Our landlord had a disagreement with his lawnmowers, so the lawn was unusable for some weeks before we got help from our neighbours garden maintainers. So I spent almost a day raking grass.
Summerchallenge fireants_
And I met some fire ants again. Wich is no worse than a mosquito bite except for the burning feeling in the start.
Summerchallenges chili_
Loads of peppers in the garden. I really don’t know what to do with them. Made some pickled Jalapeno after a receipt I found on
American Preppers, but it didn’t taste very good. Maybe because I’m such a wimp with hot food, so I washed the peppers and soaked/drowned them in cold water quite a long time because I was coughing and sneezing like mad.
Summerchallenges rottweiler_
It’s still hot outside, so I run with the dogs every other day before sunset. Broadly before 0700 (not that early)  in the morning. Milo the rottweiler is manly chilling inside under a ceiling fan the rest of the day. She goes outside again after dad has arrived home and assists him with the barbecue.

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