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Tidying up in the garden when the weather is warmer.

I guess it’s pretty safe to tidy up in the garden now, though the weather has become colder again.

So where do we begin? We started with the big palms. Palms were not my first choice of garden trees in a Texan garden, but they were here when we moved in, and they provide the garden with some shadow and filtered sun.

Every gardening book I have read about Southern Gardening, recommends taking away the dry, brown leaves, so we’ll do it. (It is mainly to prevent the build-up of pests as far as I understand). I have for the occasion purchased a gasoline-powered shredder so I don’t need to send all the organic material away to be landfill.

And I dare not lay withered plant material in a heap to rot as I do at home in Scandinavia since I’m a bit sceptical which tenants we will get into an open compost pile. So I shred everything and use it as mulch or compost it.
Stuff is starting to peak up from the withered leaves.
Tidy garden_
The garden looks a tad sad and brown at the moment. I cut down the ornamental grass, removes

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