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The transition from a rather cold country to a very hot country is a big changeover.

For me was moving from Norway to Texas an immense adventure. It’s not that I don’t love Scandinavia, but it is a huge experience to stay somewhere with completely different surroundings and attitudes in so very many ways.

The biggest transition of all is undoubtedly the climate. Here in Texas, it’s hot and humid in such an intense way that it is only a few days of winter that might be a bit similar to a Nordic summer.

To adapt, it’s important to move your body at a slower pace when you are outdoors. There is no need to struggle against the heat, you have to float with it. Instead, we wake up earlier in the morning to do things outside. To drink enough water and shield the head and eyes is mandatory.

Three small details I’ve found out have made everyday life easier to cope with in the warm climate.

Have a standalone fan in your bathroom.

I guess most of us have had the rather damp feeling when you totter out of the shower after a workout or a run. In principle, you are clean and pretty again, but somehow you don’t stop (if I put it in a nice way) to perspire. You feel it trickle down your spine and it seems impossible to apply a moisturizing cream.

Of course, the AC helps but having a standalone fan in your bathroom helps tremendously, especially if you are in a hurry. I can’t recommend it enough!

Daily sun protection

Sun protection are a big issue when you spend time outdoors in Texas. In my opinion, skincare should be straightforward, convenient and done in a jiffy. But who can you trust in this ocean of golden beauty promises? I don’t think you can trust anyone, but you can distrust some a little less, and use your common sense and ability to read.

When I wake up in the morning, I create a simple hair braid that I can put into my cap and apply some moisturizer with sun protection.

The moisturizer is from an Australian brand,  Australians have a lot of sunshine so maybe they know better than most how to stay protected for sunburns? It is easy to apply, it’s non-whitening, water-resistant (need that when I’m running with the dogs or work in the garden) and it’s even a good base for makeup. I use another moisturizer by night because I feel it’s sensible to skip out on those sun preventing chemicals when I sleep.

Being freckled and redhaired from birth I am pretty aware of exposure to sunlight.

Lightweight bra

As my daughter hotly pointed out for me when I recommended her this bra for the second time, -this is certainly not a glamorous bra. Especially in this sad beige colour.

I actually got a tad hurt and felt incredible middle-aged and never mentioned it again.

I hoped she was old enough to see behind the practical colour and the lack of sexy details. But I’ve had the same boyfriend in 27 years and maybe that’s the difference?

This is an awesome bra! It’s without padding,  the very slim front closure makes the bra “airy” on a place that on most bras are padded and unbreathable. It has a T-back so you don’t have to worry about straps showing under sleeveless tops which I use a lot here in Texas. And you can actually buy the bra in white and black too.

NOTE: I am NOT affiliated with any of those brands, I’m just a huge fan of those products.