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There is time for some holiday cleanup in the garden. The amount of biomass evolving over the summer is somewhat overwhelming. Branches, leaves, and weed are removed. Gradually plants and trees can breathe a little easier again.

I start with the Canna plants. They are terrible unsightly and shaggy after the summer heat. Removing leaves and stems from the Canna plants makes the garden rapidly looks much nicer. I am throwing the withered plant material in the trash to get rid of so much as possible of the leafrollers and fungi. Nothing from the Cannas goes into the compost bins in my fear of spreading plant diseases and larvae to other plants.

I feel terrible brutal when I cut down almost every stem and leaf. I am pretty diligent in my purpose of removing all withered plant materials laying on the ground under and around the plant too. This is literally a way to make the Canna plants to start from scratch again. The purpose is to quickly provide as good and disease free environment as possible so they can start growing as fast as possible.

It is very important that you remember to give them some good fertilizer too. They will love to have some water too. Especially when we are so heavy-handed with the pruning. You can read about how I care for the Cannas here.

This does not look good the Canna Australia is tattered and half withered.


Canna Blueberry Sparkler
he Canna “Blueberry Sparkler” looks also terrible sad after the holiday season.


The plant brutally cut down. But with some fertilizer and some water, it will look good again.


Canna Blueberry Sparkler flower
I know it will reward us with charming and exotic flowers and spectacular leaves again.

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