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Now is the time to sow your tomatoes! And really, it’s so easy when you live in this climate that you don’t have any valid excuse.

Start with buying some tomato seeds, some nice pest and disease-free soil and some Vermiculite.

  • There are a lot of websites for seeds. I have gathered some here in this link, or you can just go and buy some at Target, Lowe’s, HomeDepot, Walmart or a lot of different Garden Centers.
  • You will need some good potting seed and I recommend that you buy some fresh and pest-free soil-mix-like seed-starting potting mix. There are many other types to choose from too.
  • Vermiculite isn’t that usual, but it retains moisture and prevents fungus and rot. It can be purchased at most places that sell plants and seeds. I have used it for several years and am very pleased with the result.