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I sowed my first seed when I was 9 years. Since then I have surely sown something every year. I should be really good at doing this. Nevertheless died all those healthy seedlings of  Nicotiania alata in a matter of hours last week.

Nicotiania alata is a plant that is well suited for the Texan climate as well as it is an excellent summer flower in Scandinavia. It is fragrant, can withstand both much water and some dry spells. It is loved by butterflies and bees and here in Texas, you can plant it in both sun and shade.

I get really upset every time sprouts withers in this way.  I have ordered the seeds and paid for those, maybe it is a type that is not so easy to obtain? I’ve spent time and effort to sow and water them and admired the small, but healthy seedlings. And then they suddenly die en masse. I really take it very personally.

Why do sprouts wither?

  •  Too much water.
  •  Too little water.
  •  Too little light.
  •  Too much light so they are scorched. (I had placed the seedlings out in the sun, and underestimated the strong Texas sun)
  •  Draft from windows and doors.
  •  Too hot and too little light so the seedlings are long, pale and lanky.
  •  Too cold so they rot and die.
  •  The soil you have used has diseases and fungi who infect the seedlings.
The basil was a tad larger and withstood the scorching sun a lot better. Usually, I would say that basil is some of the sickliest seedlings of them all.
Same with the Tomatoes, some ornamental grass and the Jalapenos.

What do you think?

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  • M. Gulbrandsen
    Monday, February 16, 2015

    It could well be the sun. It would not take long before a hot sun burn them. Even lamps inside can be too much for seedlings if they are placed too close. Next year: Put them in the shadow. They don’t like to be soggy on their feet either. If the soil you have sown them in are to compact it could be the reason. Mine N. alata are doing well so far. I’ve used soil for sowing. Have just got their own pots.